Documenting motherhood: Michelle Fenton

Michelle and I have been online friends for can imagine my delight now that we are real life friends ;)

She is by every definition a deliberate mother....I so loved documenting her in her element. Not to mention her children are nothing short of adorable. 

at home with: The Summer Family

If there was such a thing as a perfect day I think this would be it! Rachel and I are second cousins, we hadn't seen each other since we were little girls! My husband, children and I made a day trip up to visit and photograph her family. They were so authentic, funny and warm. Rachel just exudes genuine love and kindness. We left their homestead  wearing huge smiles and with two gallons of homemade apple cider. It was magic. 

at home with: The Barnett family

A good friend and I were browsing a local craft fair with all our little ones in tow, when we stumbled across SUGAR BEANS shop. I fell in love with every single thing she created. I finally had a chance to meet her in person! She is just as gorgeous as she is talented. I loved photographing her darling family! Can't you just feel how much they love that little boy of their's?